Who We Are

Meaningful, influential, and human-oriented digital solutions.

While we are technically-minded, we never underestimate the role people play in creating change. While technology in itself can deliver amazing outcomes, it is the act of people working together to purposely shape and apply technology that truly drives innovation. We have a passion for strategically integrating intellect, design and technology to solve difficult problems, enrich human interaction, and help organizations thrive.

We solve problems

Working closely with our clients, we combine highly-intentional strategy with appropriate technology to solve a wide variety of digitally-driven communication, information management, and social interaction challenges. We’ve got over 1500 (and counting) successful outcomes under our belt, and we’re in constant pursuit of creating positive change.

We solve problems

The philosophy that drives us

Our world is filled with an overwhelming array of rapidly changing technical advancements designed with hopes of creating new ways to connect people. Yet our society continues to become more fragmented and solitary. While we respect the role technology plays in how humans relate, we believe that technology should serve to promote human interactions, not distract from them.

We believe that true innovation comes from respectfully de-emphasizing technology and encouraging people to engage and interact with each other.

Our Guiding Principles

Breyta's Focus


We are intentional about everything we do. Our focus allows us to eliminate distractions and concentrate on truly efficient and effective interactions.



Simplicity ensures that technology serves to support the user’s goal, not get in the way.

Empathy for the Client


Empathy for the user’s experience and needs drive effective solutions. Without empathy, focus and simplicity are merely misguided guesses.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

about work/life balance

about our language

about user experience design

about innovation

about our clients

Our clients

About Our Clients

Our clients are not trophies we hang on the wall or victories we strive to win. Our clients are human beings with real challenges to solve. Our clients are people we engage with on a frequent basis and they deserve our respect, honesty, and dedication. Our solutions create significant impact, but it is the journey we take with our clients that sets us apart.


About Innovation

True innovation creates positive change. Innovation may alter the world. It may be groundbreaking or game changing. But even simple, invisible, or seemingly inconsequential innovation can make a significant difference. We seek to innovate in all areas, big or small, and we’re never content with doing something that’s just good enough.

User experience design

About User Experience Design

User experience design is much more than aesthetics. It’s more than creating user flows, personas, defined interactions, content architecture, wireframes, or color schemes. User experience design is strategic. It is fundamental to nearly everything with which humans interact. Without intentional user experience design, true innovation is nearly impossible.

Our language

About Our Language

We don’t speak technical jargon. We don’t speak business jargon. We can, but we don’t. We speak in normal, straightforward language that is easily understandable and relational. We interact with clarity and simplicity, and aren’t impressed with the latest key phrases or trendy terms.

Work life balance

About Work/Life Balance

Make no mistake about it: we work hard. We love what we do, and our passion drives us. But moderation is important to enhance creativity and influence problem solving. We strive for a healthy balance of focused work and rest, and we take time to clear our minds and prepare for the next major breakthrough.

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