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Predefined Solutions

We’ve built our business through creating novel and impactful custom solutions for a wide variety of needs. And along the way, we've noticed that, at times, our clients have requests that we've solved for many times before. So we've taken our most common outcomes and created pre-packaged solutions that can be quickly and cost-effectively implemented as is, or with slight customization as needed, to directly impact productivity, engagement, and knowledge integration.

Through our predefined solutions, we've proven that practice makes perfect.

Predefined Solutions

Onboarding / Remote Training

  • New hire onboarding
  • Content/process-specific training
  • Detailed process management
Sanofi Genzyme Employee Onboarding Platform
Featured Solution: Sanofi Genzyme Employee Onboarding Platform
Dupixent Document Repository
Featured Solution: Dupixent Document Repository

Knowledge/Information Management

  • Document management
  • Brand asset management
  • Legal documents and historical decisions
  • Marketing claims management
  • Subject matter expertise or expert contacts
  • SOPs and procedures
  • Training/video catalogs
  • Teams, team membership and team leadership contacts/bios
  • Service catalogs
  • Product catalogs

Workflow / Process Management

  • Budget management and tracking
  • Vendor financial expenditure certification and approval
  • Key opinion leader justification and validation
  • Budget/resource estimating
  • Program/project management
Johnson & Johnson Publication Approval Tool
Featured Solution: Johnson & Johnson Quality Gamification Platform
Corporate Intranet
Featured Solution: Dupixent Document Repository

Communications / Employee Engagement

  • Employee Communications
  • Leadership Communications
  • Initiative-Based Interactions
  • Issues Management
  • Training & Process Improvement
  • Departmental Communications and Resources
  • Volunteerism and Affinity Groups
  • Corporate Culture Initiatives
  • Corporate Strategy Definition
  • Peer-to-Peer Engagement
  • Recognition and Rewards


  • Product launches
  • Corporate/organizational strategy education, adoption and alignment
  • Initiative education, adoption and engagement
  • Policy and procedure training
  • Change adoption
  • Idea sharing and capture
Johnson & Johnson Gamification Platform
Featured Solution: Johnson & Johnson Quality Gamification Platform

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