Our Approach

Strategy is not an activity, it's an intentionality

Most agencies consider strategy as just one component of their approach. They’ll say they blend strategy, design and technology. At Breyta, we think of strategy very differently.

Strategy is woven into every fiber of our work. We don’t see strategy as something that starts at the beginning of an engagement and is completed before design and implementation can begin. To us, strategy is what guides every decision we make, whether it be during early discovery, solution ideation, experience design, or technology implementation.

We our intentional

We are intentional about our solutions. And our process.

The experience we've gained through launching hundreds of websites, intranets, online and mobile applications gives us the ability to predict project challenges, needs, and roadblocks before they happen. No matter the project size, we are as intentional about our process as we are about our solutions.

Our Process

Discovery Research
01. Discovery Research

Fully understanding the problem we’re trying to solve positions the entire effort for success. We ask challenging questions. We talk to a wide variety of stakeholders and users. We conduct focus groups, usability assessments and field tests. We complete technical and content audits.. We establish benchmarks. We predict project challenges, needs, and roadblocks before they happen. We confirm that we understand the needs, the environment, and the desired outcomes. Then, when we have the problem fully defined, we communicate what we’ve learned so we can be sure we’ve got it right.

Solution Design
02. Solution Design

To ensure the best outcomes possible, we combine unique learnings from our discovery research with decades of experience to create highly targeted and intentional strategies. We strive to ensure that our decisions, recommendations and approach are not only comprehensive, but also appropriately innovative.

UX Design
03. UX Design

We review everything we've learned and the strategies we've defined with our clients before we start creating. We examine user and information flows. We create personas. We storyboard desired interactions. We define information architecture. We create wireframes and prototypes. We test options. And then we iterate until we’re confident we’ve created the best possible solution.

04. Implementation

We take advantage of the most current technologies, methodologies and approaches to drive creativity and push innovation. Yet we remain conscious of the fact that our clients must use and maintain what we create. We strive to use existing platform configurations first, and only customize when necessary. Once we’ve developed the solution, we test it until we know it works flawlessly.

Discovery Research
05. Launch

When the development is done, the content is in place, and testing is complete, we launch the solution and verify all functions and interactions work as planned. We provide a detailed knowledge transfer that includes system documentation, administration support, and other resources that aid ongoing management and maintenance. If needed, we even provide launch communications support, on-site training, post-launch usage measurement, and ongoing technical support.

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