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We are a group of talented creatives energized by human interaction. We live to innovate and are driven to solve difficult problems. And we like to have fun along the way…

Kevin Schelp

founder & ceo


With over 18 years of Internet and intranet development experience, Kevin has led over 500 site-development projects—from small, team-based sites to global corporate intranets that impact over 130,000 staff members. Working in creative agencies and holding leadership positions in corporate settings, Kevin has worn many hats and learned to speak the varied languages of marketer, programmer, designer, researcher, communicator, analyst, executive and strategist. These various roles have culminated in a unique ability to partner with stakeholders at any level of an organization - from CEO to IT practitioner. Kevin is passionate about driving innovation, establishing solid relationships, and developing strategies that fully engage people and create positive change.
Eats big challenges for lunch.
As a child, he secretly daydreamed of having the ability to be invisible at any moment and play tricks on others.

Aliotsy Andrianarivo

director, technology


For over a decade, Aliotsy has created web solutions for organizations spanning diverse sizes, sectors, and industries. His past work is equally eclectic, ranging from building web-based B2B tools at Intel to driving higher education redesign efforts with data and user tests.
Finding the perfect animated GIF for any possible situation.
GQ once interviewed him about his men’s fashion blog.

Angela Liao

senior web developer


Since joining in 2008, Angela has developed dozens of web solutions, ranging from small project sites to global knowledge management systems. She grasps the challenges and complexities of enterprise-scale data management, and her formal visual design background enables her to implement solutions that are elegant and intuitive.
She can fix websites just by staring at them. If you have trouble logging in, just have Angela stand behind you and it will work again!
Prefers to wear one sock for optimal temperature regulation.

Deb Mindel

project manager


With over 15 years shepherding digital products in the non-profit and B2C realms, Deb is fully engaged in partnering with the client (you) to ask the hard questions and create sound strategy to set you up for success. She is a design-driven manager who comfortably bridges strategy, UX, and technology, and proactively communicates throughout the project lifecycle – doing her best to see around corners and avoiding biz-speak. Deb has created diverse digital experiences, including a national climate initiative, award-winning site for a world-famous aquarium, and an on-demand educational portal for a national association. All delivered with fastidious attention to detail, craft, and corny puns.
Ability to find the shortest checkout line that ends up taking the longest time
She photographed 27 weddings in one summer

Debbie Schelp

director, finance & administration


Debbie brings a wide variety of experience to her role, including managerial finance, education, and language arts. She has a natural propensity toward numbers, and plays a critical role in business capacity planning, forecasting and modeling, while overseeing all administrative functions.
Decoding numbers faster than John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.
She used to be a competitive ice skater.

James Li

senior visual designer


James has been designing and developing interactive experiences for over fifteen years. He’s worked with both startups and multinationals throughout four continents in diverse industries and project types including web applications, e-commerce solutions and online learning platforms.
He can pour a perfectly round pancake.
He once starred in a children’s English learning DVD dressed as a frog.

James Walrath

web developer


James stems from studies in Human-Computer Interaction at UC San Diego. With insight in the cognitive sciences, user experience design, and front-end engineering, James can take many forms in an ever-changing digital landscape. He enjoys cultivating modern development skills, frequenting Bay Area connections, and cycling local landscapes.
Designing city landscapes in simulators.
I have served with Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary International since early high school.

Jim Hook

operations analyst


Having previously worked for Hewlett-Packard and Fairchild Test Systems, Jim offers years of R&D functional management and extensive project/program management experience in high-tech companies that began as start-ups and grew into medium sized corporations ($25-$50M annual revenue). He brings a wealth of proven management experience to Breyta, where he is responsible for internal process creation, process effectiveness analysis, and quality assurance.
Instituting the best of traditional and modern methods and processes across Breyta’s organization.
He really enjoys teasing his grandchildren, but by age 6 they’re on to him!

Lionel Roy

senior ux designer


Lionel's background in film has primed him to view each interaction as a story, while his 15 years of designing for the web has taught him that each design problem is an opportunity to improve people lives. Whether it's designing large scale systems, or helping people accept credit cards through their phones, he keeps his focus on the human experience and particularly enjoys finding simple, useful solutions to complex problems.
He can ask the question "Why?" all day long.
Despite growing up in France, he doesn't like stinky cheese.

Marc Blumberg

web developer


With an academic background in Physics, Economics, and Computer Science, Marc utilizes an myriad of analytical and problem solving skills and techniques in developing efficient and elegant web solutions. Add to that the motivation and work ethic gained his seventeen years as a competitive athlete and it’s no surprise that Marc’s ideal mix of experience and passion enables him to thrive in such a diverse and competitive field.
He can build the coolest LEGO spaceships.
He has dual citizenship: United States and Germany.

Mark Wong

associate project manager


Mark has a diverse background of professional experience in the financial, governmental, and nonprofit industries as well as a strong academic background in International Relations and Economics. As a Project Coordinator, he enjoys developing strong and long lasting relationships with clients and peers to cultivate a well knitted fruitful community. Outside of work Mark loves to try new places to eat and relax in the outdoors.
Extreme perseverance.
Got bit by a dog in grade school - and he has the scar to prove it!

Minh Ho

director, service delivery


Minh is responsible for project management and business development at Breyta. He has over ten years of experience within the software and electronics industry working in a wide-range of functions including marketing, sales, and information technology. His hobbies include playing basketball and fantasy sports. Minh holds a BA in Communications and an MBA from UC Davis.
He has the natural ability to become invisible when no one is looking at him. He is also super modest.
Minh’s favorite documentary drama is Tropic Thunder and his favorite comedy is The Human Centipede.

Tetsuto Yabuki

solutions architect


Tetsuto credits his time as a winning tournament pool player for equipping him with focus, drive and attention to detail as a developer. Passionate about scalable, reusable code, Tetsuto has over 10 years of web experience, with a track record of leading development projects and creating original tools.
The ability to read people's minds.
Tetsuto once programmed a Super Cobra clone using assembly language on an atari 800.

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