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We’re constantly working to create innovative solutions. We’ve highlighted just a few of our many notable accomplishments.

From 350 Intranet Sites to 1 Global Portal

Approached initially to solve a global communication challenge within a large decentralized Fortune 50 corporation, we took it a step further. Completing an audit of over 350 intranet sites uncovered issues that made us reassess the requirements of the project. We dove in headfirst. To further define the problems and opportunities, we got in touch with the heart of the company: we talked to the people. We learned not only how people within the company think, but also how they relate within their culture. Then, through thoughtful strategy and intentional design, we integrated over 350 intranet sites and 13 operating company portals into one global intranet presence. According to the Director of Global Communications, the result was “far beyond anyone’s expectations.” The calculated results were obvious; but it was the unexpected “intangible benefits that resulted from creating a sense of global community, fostering collaboration, and increasing employee engagement” that made this site best in class.

40% reduction in task completion time

70% reduction in task failure rates

Assumed $6.7 Million single year ROI

Professional, Multi-Lingual Intranet Regains Employee Trust

We were asked to address a communication and information management challenge for one of six divisions within a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. This division had an unorganized intranet site that was bloated with seven years of historical content, comprised of broken links, contained references to a company that was acquired seven years earlier, included poorly managed content, and lacked the trust of its employees. The goal was to regain user trust by way of improving information discovery, simplifying content management, and establishing actionable site governance. We went beyond that. We pushed the limits of Sharepoint to design a professional, current and multi-lingual intranet site that improved performance – taking page load times from 14 seconds to 4. We worked with over 80 content editors to publish only necessary and relevant information and established a medium for positive social interaction that re-engaged staff. The site has now become a critical asset to the organization, and has received positive attention from other divisions within the company.

Achieved 80% staff engagement post launch

Improved page load times by over 70%

Reduced size of the site by 80%

Combining Knowledge Management with E-Commerce Creates a Competitive Edge

The Marketing & Sales organization within a large surgical device manufacturer came to us with a document management system littered with complications. Poor categorization, outdated materials, and a convoluted resource ordering process limited the success of their sales team. Our goal was to create a portal that provided a robust mobile solution, simplified access to key documents and information, and gave their sales team a competitive edge. We did this by combining knowledge management with e-commerce. The result was a well-categorized document management system complete with immediate access to current documents – in various formats – and a straightforward ordering system. We put confidence back into the sales team and alleviated frustration allowing them to function efficiently and effectively.

Significantly reduced marketing support call volume

Alleviated potential compliance issues

Considerably reduced client’s yearly monetary costs

Establishing Communication Channels Improves Staff Engagement

A world-leading manufacturer of contact lenses came to us because they had a history of replacing their intranet sites without retiring the old sites - thus creating communication inconsistency and confusion among staff. And despite their redesign efforts, the new sites still weren’t meeting their communication needs. To dissect the problem, we spoke with stakeholders and interviewed users representing a global cross-sector of the business. In breaking down the communication and cultural themes, we realized the challenges extended beyond their intranet and the solution needed to encompass several communication channels. We defined the core issues: organizational transparency and engagement. Through discovery, numerous site audits, strategic design and careful implementation we created a groundbreaking solution. We established immediate engagement and increased usage through a fresh and innovative intranet, expanded awareness throughout the campus via intranet-driven digital displays, reduced multiple mass emails to one weekly communication, and regained employee confidence by laying the foundation for increased communication with leadership. We established communications consistency, provided new central communication tools, and improved staff engagement.

57% increase in page views

Increased average visit duration by 25 seconds

Created a platform form for and enriched social engagement

81 Countries, 40 Operating Companies On One Robust Intranet

There is no question that creating a centralized communications and information management system for a Fortune 50 corporation operating in 81 countries is a challenge; but don’t get us wrong, we didn’t blink twice. In fact, the successful completion of this project led the WorldWide Vice President of Communications to say, “I’d like to add my congratulations to the heap of accolades. Your hard work and tenacity has paid off with an attractive, easy-to-use, engaging intranet that will have significant impact on achieving speed and simplicity in our work. THANK YOU!!”

To solve this challenge, we started by identifying the issues and the opportunities. We found significant duplication of effort across hundreds of independent intranet sites in over 40 operating companies, vast amounts of localized and department-centric content, inconsistencies in style and navigation, and numerous people responsible for maintaining a bloated and diverse intranet environment. We also discovered a great desire to simplify. So we set out to design and develop a single shared communications and navigation framework that would efficiently connect people with information - and with each other. We developed a technical framework that centralized all communications and information management through a robust taxonomy and tagging structure. We consolidated sites and allowed content managers to target messages and navigation to unique audiences. The measurable results were evident – reducing duplicative work, increasing information accuracy, and lowering costs. The confidence instilled, through driving all staff through one centralized vehicle, genuinely connected all regions producing a common theme of “one team.”

Significantly reduced duplication of effort

Increased information accuracy and access

Improved technical performance by over 50%

One Centralized System Opened Doors for Future Development

Lacking a strong internal communications and collaboration strategy, a newly formed business unit within a leading biotechnology company asked us to provide guidance and solutions. We started by analyzing the problem on a deeper level. We completed a comprehensive review of their internal processes, behaviors, and digital landscape. We found that their numerous and dispersed digital spaces led to vast duplications of effort and the inability to disseminate global messaging. So, we developed an intranet; and, with intentional design, we were able to provide a centralized system for effective communication, collaboration, and information discovery. According to the organizational leadership, the new site "will benefit us all by improving communication, which will lead to increased alignment and execution across teams. This portal will help us all do our jobs more efficiently by staying informed about key decisions as well as important updates from the leadership team and cross-functional teams." And, more than that, we have laid the foundation for further development in the areas of process, design, and knowledge management.

Connected a mobile workforce through a single interface

Reduced email volume and improved communications

Dismantled informational silos

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