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our culture

1 Teamwork

At Breyta, it’s far more than two minds are better than one. Cross-collaboration among disciplines is key. It takes an eclectic bunch of personalities and talents to strategize, design and implement our solutions.

2 Dynamic Mindset

Our solutions are dynamic and so are we. We think out loud without hesitation, take notes on glass doors and windows, and we push each other to go the extra step for our clients. “Good enough” is never good enough. Static mindsets won’t survive in our culture. We thrive on solving problems by creating brilliant solutions through a dynamic mentality.

3 Relaxed

We dress casual, we call each other by our first names and we don’t use corporate jargon. The music is on, office doors are open, and, while we work hard, we don’t work 60-80 hours a week. We understand a healthy balance between working hard and taking time to renew is critical to ingenuity and productivity.

4 Coworkers Friends

A skillset is one thing, but we hire people. We hire people with kind hearts, creative minds, and a passion for instilling positive change through their work. We genuinely care about everyone and we take the time to get to know one another on a personal level. We’re professional, but we work with people who’ve become our friends. When we ask, “how are you?”, we actually stick around to hear your answer.

5 Engagement

Recent studies show that 87% of Americans aren’t engaged at work – we’re happy to say we’re part of the 13%. Our space is open, energetic, and communicative. We make an impact by engaging with each other and with our clients on a daily basis.

6 Leave Your Mark

This is why we’re here. Each and every person in this company has the opportunity to do great things. No matter the role, employees feel empowered to communicate their ideas. Everyone is heard, everyone impacts the project, and everyone has the ability – and desire – to make a difference.

the perks

Wake up at work with an organic cup o’ joe and indulge in a slice of cake on your birthday – or someone else’s. But don’t expect to have Fido curled up by your feet, or a cold beer at your desk – you wouldn’t want to spill it on your state-of-the-art equipment.

We don’t have a foosball table and we don’t skateboard around the office. We redefine cool in the workplace. How, you ask? By our work. The real perk of working at Breyta doesn’t come in the form of free beer or daily yoga (although we do have some pretty sweet benefits); it comes from having the freedom to be creative, break boundaries, and have your work appreciated by your co-workers and clients.

We joke, we have fun, but most importantly we enjoy coming to work because we have a passion for working together to make an impact on the way people communicate and do business.

There are no open positions at Breyta at this time.